List of Projects

S.NoExecution AuthorityAcreageCrop/ SystemProject Beneficiary
1OFWM7GrapesLalMuhammaed, Mastung
2OFWM7PistachioKhalil Raisani, Mastung
3OFWM2GrapesSher Ahmed, Mastung
4CPD1.5GrapesNaseebullah, Pishin
5CPD1.5PistachioMuhammad Akram, Pishin
6IUCN1.5GrapesMuhammad Zafar, Pishin
7OFWM3GrapesKhursheed Ahmed, Mastung
8OFWM3AlmondBasheer Ahmed, Mastung
9Commercial0.25LandscapeSanaullah, Mastung
10OFWM7GrapesSanaullah, Mastung
11BRSP3GrapesAnwer Panezai, Pishin
12BRSP1VegetablesAsif Khan, Pishin
13BRSP5AppleHaji Naseer Ahmed, Pishin
14Commercial1LanscapingKhalq Jhalawan, Khuzdar
15Commercial4OliveKhalq Jhalawan, Khuzdar
16Commercial25Olive, citrus, vegetablesPandak Farm, Lawrencepur
17DG Research, Dept. Of Agriculture, Balochistan10000 PlantsApple, Peach, Plum, Blueberry, RaspberrySupply of Exotic Germplasm
18Governor House, KPK, Peshawar2.5LandscapeLarge Area Gear Drive Sprinkler Irrigation System
19Project awarded to CNFAKPK, Punjab and Sindh Provinces.Development of Meat, Citrus, Mango and High Value off season vegetable value chainsCommercial Agriculture Project, USAID Funded (25 Million USD)
20Integrated wool value chain developed for ILO-UN3.2 millionILOWool Value Chain
21FAO provision and supply of livestock instruments-equipments.4.9 millionFAOCapacity Building and supply of livestock implements and milk collection chillers
22Seven exclusive demand based Irrigation Systems in earthquake affected areas of Mansehra District and AJK.30 million (Servicing over 700 acres)CNFA-USAID funded ILED ProjectDemand based Irrigation Systems
23Umer Kot, Bahawalpur & Quetta (PARC research Stations)-Project under process.3.8 million (Servicing over 32 acres)High Density Citrus, Ber, Olives, GrapesDrip Irrigation Systems (Under designing phase)
24Mohmand, Bajuar & South Wiziristan Agency, FATA (USAID)2.0 MillionAgricultural Enterprise DevelopmentFunding Proposal FATA-ESP Project (Irrigation Focused)
25SPDP Farms, Bagan, Kurram Agency, FATA1.5 million (Servicing over 100 acres)Sustainable Plains Development Program, FATALining of Water Harvesting Reservoir & Drip Irrigation System
26Shore Bank International, USA (DFID Funded).2.5 millionFinancial need assessment at various nodes of the VCValue Chain Analysis of Tobacco and Potato industry in Pakistan