About WaterCon


Water Con is an emerging company focusing in the field of High Efficiency irrigation systems and its application in Agriculture and landscape; Precision Agriculture; Solar based water pumping for drinking water supply and Agriculture; soluble fertilizers use in Orchards, imported fruits, vegetables plants, seeds and livestock management.



We also provide consulting services to Agribusiness (Agriculture & Livestock), Energy sector in renewable energy and Development sectors.


We have established offices in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, KPK and collaborative office spaces in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan Provinces, besides project based work in Kashmir and Northern Areas.


We specialize in Project conception to operational realm and possess special knack for start ups and turnkey agribusinesses (Agriculture & Livestock) with a primary focus on water resource planning, designing and implementation. Our projects also include capacity building, formation of water user associations, training in operation and maintenance.


Our clients range from Government Organizations, NGOs, Private sector entities and newly emerging commercial enterprises.


Watercon offers a full range of products and services to satisfy all your Agribusiness needs (Agriculture & Livestock).  Drip/micro irrigation needs – including dripper lines, sprinklers, filters, valves, crop management technologies  and  other  vital  system  support  –  such  as  technical  education  and agronomic expertise.


Whether you need an entire system or want to upgrade and replace existing parts, Watercon can provide the best solution for your specific irrigation requirements. With Watercon you can set up a complete system of well-made, quality products from one company that work together, optimizing your irrigation system. All backed by a sincere commitment to quality and service, you are assured of reliability with the proven leader.


Water Con also specializes in Land and water use planning at village and district level to optimize use of scarce water resources. Our activities and projects include study of catchment area, drainage, impoundments and lining of reservoirs.


Watercon is an esteemed organization providing water resource Management planning and High efficiency irrigation System in Pakistan with the technical partnership of Engro Polymer & Chemical Ltd. (EPCL). EPCL have a joint collaboration with world known manufacturers of ISO certified products related to HEIS (High Efficiency irrigation system) like

Fitco Irrigation of USA


Komit Irrigation of Italy

Rain Drops of Thailand

Metts, UAE

Irritec & Siplast of Italy

The field team includes Master Trainers, Design Engineers, Agronomists, Plant Pathologists, field/implementation engineers and field technicians, Livestock experts. This team of dedicated professionals is the best amongst in the field and is involved right from the survey to the commissioning of the system. The process also involves on-farm training of the farmers, hence developing capacity of the end users. The company uses state of the art designing software and technical support from the international experts to provide complete solution to the farmers.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigation today. Drip irrigation (sometimes referred to as micro irrigation, low-flow irrigation, or trickle irrigation) is the slow and precise delivery of water directly to the plant roots. Drip irrigation is controlled either by hand or automatic timer. Because drip irrigation is applied at the root zone, it maintains an optimum moisture level in the soil at all times resulting in less water lost to evaporation and wind. The company is researching the use of sub-surface diffusers a newly developed and patented technology which further ensures three times more efficiency than other efficient systems. The product is under trial and will be introduced to farmers early next spring.

Action Plan:

  1. Farmers Identification
  2. Site selection
  3. Initial feasibility study report
  4. Survey
  5. Design & Proposal
  6. Installation & Commissioning of M.I System.
  7. Data Collection
  8. Field Days.
  9. Turn Key Projects
  10. Project based on built operate and transfer basis.

Watercon Services:

  1. Turn Key Projects on Semi & Fully Controlled environment Farming(Greenhouses).
  2. Provision of Livestock instruments, equipments and dairy related integrated installation of shed houses.
  3. Survey of proposed site.
  4. Available resources management.
  5. Basic farm data collection.
  6. Climatic data.
  7. Detailed Design.
  8. Training of relevant sta
  9. Agronomic services.
  10. Large Area Plantation.
  11. New area development under orchards.
  12. New area development under tunnel farming.
  13. Soil nutrient profiling and recommendations.
  14. Soil sampling and testing.
  15. Weather stations and crop modulesCrop advisory and early warning system
  16. Organic farming and establishing of Organic farms.
  17. Balanced Crop nutrition through soluble and blended fertilizers.
  18. Organic fertilizers and composting.
  19. Biogas Plants and renewable energy initiatives.
  20. Solar based energy solutions and water pumping.
  21. Consulting projects business proposal development.
  22. Training and Capacity Development in Agriculture and livestock.
  23. Survey, Design and Installation of demand based irrigation system.
  24. Survey, design and installation of PVC Geomembrane lining of Canals, reservoirs and water bodies.

Organizational and Functional Structure of Water Con


In existing set, Water Con have three functional departments

Sales Marketing & Business Development Department (SMBD)

Design and Technical Services Department (DTSD)

Crop & Livestock Management Department(CLMD)

All departments are headed by a manager. Each of these three departments has its exclusive functions as well as cross functional responsibilities.


Heads of these departments will report to the Project Manager who is responsible for overall management and integration of all the three functions. The Project Manager will report to Managing Director.

Sales, Marketing and Business Development  Department (SMBD)


The sales and Marketing will have the following functions and responsibilities

Develop annual plan, target and objectives for the division.

Develop a reporting mechanism for the division

Arrange promotional activities such as exhibitions, seminars and end user market development initiatives.

Develop SOPs for the sales department for smooth functioning

Prepare annual budget for the division

Develop expense and operational budget of the department and ensure expense monitoring on quarterly and bi-annually basis

Develop dealer and distribution network to facilitate product accessibility to end user

Define supports from DTSD and CMD to meet sales target

Monitor sales progress on weekly basis and discuss strategies with regional team

Coordination and dealing with client

Design & Technical Services Department


This department has dual function of designing and to provide technical services  (Installation  and  after  sales  services).  Its  functions  are  briefly described as

Develop annual plan and objectives for the department

System design, material calculation and development of optimize BOQs

Installation of Micro Irrigation system, maintenance of the system and after sales services to the customers

Inventory control both for imported products as well as local items

Development of material list both for imported and local components of the system based on inputs from Sales & Marketing Department (SMD) and Crop Management Department (CMD)

Develop SOPs for the department for smooth functioning

Provision of training both for internal staff of division as well as for clients related to system designing and operation and maintenance of the system.

Develop a mechanism of reporting of the department

Prepare annual budget for the department

Develop expense and operational budget of the department and ensure expense monitoring on quarterly and bi annually basis

Develop expense and operational budget of the department and ensure expense monitoring on quarterly and bi annually basis

Crop & Livestock Management Department


The functions of crop management department are

Agronomic support to design department

Estimation of plant water requirement, irrigation and fertigation scheduling

Crop production technology for various crops under high efficiency irrigation system Crop

Production technology for various crops under high efficiency irrigation system Crop advisory services to the clients

Analysis of soil and water reports

Arrange material for Training & development of brochures of different crop and literature for client

Provision of training both for internal staff of division as well as for clients related to drip agronomy, Horticulture, livestock.

Identification of potential area to sales function

Develop annual plan and objectives for the department

Define supports from SMDD and DTSD to meet annual plan

Develop a mechanism of reporting of the department