Environmental Coordination Organization (ECO)


Environmental Coordination Organization (ECO) was established under XLVI of 1962 in the year 2010 through Directorate of Social Welfare having a registration number DSW/ NWFP/ 3337.


It has broad aims and objectives which are not limited to environment but to strive for knowledge based society. However, its primary focus will be water and energy conservation targeting smallholder farmer through access to affordable technologies, capacity development through hands on training and facilitating access to financing on easy terms and or on cost sharing basis.


Right after its inception, we were faced with the devastated floods and thousands of people in river side areas, especially in District Charsadda were devastated by flash floods where valuable lives, homes, land and other assets were lost.


ECO initiated a rapid response in fund raising through its volunteers and gathered PKR 2.9 Millions in donations to erect a tent village for 145 families in front of DC office, Charsadda besides providing daily households items also provided three square meals to the affected families, women, children and elderly.


ECO also received donations from the affluent in the form of food items such as wheat floor, rice, vegetable oil, sugar and spices and provided it to the displaced in the makeshift tent village.

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